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iris issen

iris issen is an independent abstract artist who was born in Tokyo, Japan and raised up in London, UK.

Having grown up under the influence of both Oriental and Western aesthetic philosophies, her paintings appreciate the spirit of wabi-sabi and oriental cosmogony while paying homage to the modern interpretation of space, geometry and emotions through her monochromatic use of 4 tones that originate from the Han-Yi cosmic dual forces and the five elements.

iris issen (イリス・イッセン)は、イギリス・ロンドン生まれ、





latest collections

colour edited - affair.JPG

After April



A gradation from ivory black to dark slate, silver beige to light pearl grey.

Surrounded in darkness yet enfolded in light.

about iris issen

Her distinctive personal style and celebration of the traditional colours of Japan emanates self-nature and inner peace, an expression of how she perceives loss and regeneration of life.



Representing nature's natural form and roughness trough delicately arranged practices and aesthetics sounds paradoxical, yet it somehow appears to be consistent.

art consultation


“find me through your eyes. 

read me through your heart.


I always feel that the beauty behind objects lies in the way they possess a piece of our memory or a slice of our lives.

Although they are suppose to be inanimate, by living with them, they have become a strong emotional harbor for me to recapture precious moments in life.

Bildschirmfoto 2021-04-02 um

private collection

No matter how the world is tuned, I want myself to always have some room in mind,

so I can see who I´m becoming to.

While we are all walking on different paths in life, the path itself doesn't matter the most.
It is about to find meanings to that path, so to find meanings in our dwelling.


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Buying artwork from Gallery de Iris Issen is a simple process. However, it is important for you to know the following information.


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