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the hue

A gradation from ivory black to dark slate, silver beige to light pearl grey. Surrounded in darkness yet enfolded in light, this series speaks hope in lives.



This series presents iris issen’s interpretation of some fractured moments in her life with variant shades of beige, red, and black. While in this collection her iconic artistic expression - apparently severed but actually connected geometric shapes are presented in a reductionist and minimalist manner, the organic texture of paints and the unrefined movement of brush strokes narrate her thoughts on the aesthetics of simplicity and quietness – that underneath a serene heart, we can always find some condensed and palpitant longing.

le désir

This series represents issen’s exploration on the relationship between two souls. To quote the artist: “Intimacy is the lingering yet not explicit words, bare bodied and touching, floating pass our raw existence. It is the blessing to our souls, governs our lives with passion and love.



heaven, earth and mankind

The Principles of Heaven, Earth, and Mankind is a concept that guided many Traditional Japanese artworks.

It illustrates how we, as human beings, are related to nature;

how we find ourselves in nature;

how we define our reality in relationship to nature;

and how we internalise the beauty and order of nature to our existence.

In the grey-toned society we are living today,

while our sights are limited by steels and concretes,

is there any way for us to re-obtain, re-ground and re-define our connection to nature, to heaven, and to earth?

This series is my attempt to answer these questions.

It is how I heal myself by re-building my internal and elemental connections with the phenomenal world.”

- iris issen

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Imagine yourself standing at the top of the hill, by the sea, in the night. 

When the moonlight touches your body and sea waves whispering in your ears, 

what would you have in mind?

body philosophy

In this series, iris issen discusses the concept of beauty through different compositions of her iconic shapes. By projecting the composition of shapes as the movement of the body, she argues that the beauty of the uncovered body is something that is felt rather than seen. 


repartus poetica

To quote the artist: “Repartus Poetica is essentially an essay collection from me. A lot of my works are inspired by silkworm cocoon. So in this collection, I talk about my appreciation to this magic creation of the nature, and what it means to me.


la lune de cellophane

This series presents iris issen’s artistic expressions and aesthetic thoughts of the nature and the ongoing natural processes, and their austerity, roughness, and integrity.


Inspired by her background in Oriental Philosophy, this series is a study of the present through a historical perspective, in which iris issen challenges herself to conceptualise the surrounding material basis and exploring its true connection with the nature. 



“Memories of some days may always have a place in my heart, not to remember their beauty, but to remind me that not every stories in life are perfect. While this imperfection may bring me sorrow and grief, it also represents the forces of nature, as well as the austere, modest, and incomplete quality of the natural processes. It endowed me with the aesthetic vision in my heart, and has always been a source of inspiration to my art.”

— iris issen 

sculpture de luminères

This collection shows iris issen’s interpretation of the notion of impermanence and emptiness, something that has always been the principle of her aesthetics. Works in this collection try to find beauty in the natural processes of things: its asymmetry, roughness, and simplicity; and how it is simultaneously shaped by the forces of nature and people’s hearts.


mot saisonnier

In this collection of works, I study the dimensional relationship between the nature and the humanity. While I often use the metaphorical expression of petals in my paintings, the way these petals are presented in this series is inspired by the repetitive use of dots, lines, and planes that can be seen in many traditional Japanese artworks.  

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